Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Little Sewing, A Very Large Quilt Guild, A Little Painting.......and a Fabulous Dinner!

The Alaska Fiber Festival is going to take place in Anchorage in March. Since I'm officially a snowbird, I've resigned from the board, but still want to stay somewhat involved. The theme for the 2008 Fiber Festival is "Half Baked Alaska", so I decided to make an apron and a recipe journal for the silent auction, which will be held during the festival. It's been a fun little project. The journal was inspired by Fiber & Stitch They have several free tutorials for making different projects. I also added a few recipes to the journal.
I was invited to go to a local quilt guild meeting today. Joyce, who I have recently become acquainted with, and who also just moved here from Alaska, invited me to go along with her. It was the Sunset Slope Quilters, a lovely bunch of women........170 of them!! I could not believe how many people were there! The meeting lasted all morning, with business meeting, a very impressive show and tell, snack break, and then a very interesting program given by Kelly Alford, who is the owner/ designer of iota. This is a stationery/surface design business. Very interesting program! I'm very excited about how active the quilting community is around here!

I got the itch to get my watercolors out today. Clearly, I am not a painter, but every once in awhile it's fun to dabble in something besides threads. This little painting is a representation of the beautiful Colorado Monument that is near Grand Junction. Those red rocks are so spectacular. I took a drive up there on Sunday, but there were a few snow covered and icy spots, so I turned around. This is not a road I want to be driving on when it's icy.....there are shear drops from the road to the canyon floors in many spots.

I don't know if Craig likes having his Mom around again, after being on his own for awhile, but I know I enjoy having him around.....especially when he decides to do the cooking! He made a fabulous dinner tonight. Let's see......We had Alaskan Halibut with fresh mango/strawberry salsa. The flavors of the fruit and cilantro were a wonderful flavor along side the halibut. Along with the halibut we had mashed potatoes mixed with sour cream, blue cheese, feta cheese, garlic........and a little of this and a little of that! They were so good! It's probably a good thing he doesn't cook every night!!! He's working at a local restaurant /brew pub and seems to be enjoying it. He really has a passion for cooking, and I won't be surprised if culinary arts is what he decides to do for a living.


Sue B said...

Nanc that journal is fabulous. Love the fabric you used. Dinner sounds fabulous. I went to culinary school and I loved it.

roxanestoner said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nancy!
I really like your Watercolor. It captures the heigth and the colors of those gorgeous mountains. Also... about your fancy Halibut dinner... It is proof right there that Craigory loves to have his Mom around. He would not get to cook such delightful meals if he didn't enjoy having your company. Soooo nice, you lucky Mom, you!

Cestandrea said...

Oh Nancy Ijust left a comment here but it doesn't show up! I praised your journal, I love the colour of it. And I find it great that your son cooks!
Also, I have put your bloglink on my blog so that I don't lose you anymore:)
happy Valentine day

Tyson said...

Thanks for the comment on the blog. I knew you kept up with it but had no idea you also had a blog, it is really great!

Don't tell Warren that you heard it from me but......
There is an annual GE conference here every January that a bunch of COP people attend every year. The up side is a trip to Florence, the down side is spending four days around a bunch of guys from work. Either way you HAVE to come see this city!
I am amazed at the art and architecture that is everywhere, and with your artistic background you would love it!


Deb H said...

Oooo.. maybe I'll get to buy the journal or apron!We miss you here!

The halibut is making my mouth water just thinking about it, & I just finished dinner!