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Artsy Fartsy Off the Grid

The cabin......eleven years in the making.   A work in progress.  Our home away from home.  Our cabin is off the grid, so to speak.  Not far from the road system, but inaccessible by car.
Our latest project has been finishing the loft, and like the outhouse, we wanted something fun and out of the ordinary. Yes, I decided that if I have to use an outhouse, it's going to be a fun, funky outhouse.

   So, back to the cabin...... We built a short wall for for added storage, and decided to make a custom headboard for our bed.  I was in charge of creating the fabric, so I started out with a piece of canvas, some textile paint and extender.  I had some general ideas on color, but really had no preconceived idea on a design plan.  So, here I go throwing paint around.

 Well, this is looking quite ugly.......
Calming things down a bit.......  

I think this will work..........
 I rolled the canvas up and took it to the cabin. Warren had the construction plan all figured out.   I love a handy…

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