Monday, June 4, 2007

Conference Over....Classes Begin....

We've been very lucky with the weather the last few days. The days have been very comfortable, with a nice breeze! Sunday night Roxane, Denise and I went to the Plaza. It is within walking distance of our motel, and is packed with restaurants and shops. We walked along Brush Creek, which is a beautiful walkway along the water. The reflections on the water were amazing, so I took a few pictures.

Sunday was also the last day of the conference, and now the classes for post conference have begun. The class I am taking is called Fusion: Lamination- Digital Print- Encaustic Collage, taught by Pat Hodson. It involves several different techniques combined to create a collage. I am really enjoying the process, and tomorrow will work a bit more on the computer to create the digital print that will eventually be printed on top of the collage.....confusing, I know! I will take some pictures as the work progresses.

So, this morning I have been working in the computer lab, trying to create collages for my work. I'm on my lunch break, but need to get back to work! I'll try to write more later!

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