Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glorious Grand Junction

We made it to Grand Junction on Saturday, and I've had so much fun showing Roxane and Bunny around the area. We drove up to the Colorado National Monument, which is only about 10 minutes from our house. The girls were so in awe of the scenery, which is understandable. I'm in awe every time I go there, and I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time there this winter! The weather has been perfect, and I'm thinking I could get used to the heat pretty quickly!

Craig had his first day of classes at Mesa State yesterday. He seems to be feeling right at home, and is very anxious to buy a full suspension mountain bike to take advantage of all the trails around here. He's been a very good sport about having three Moms giving him advice! We have titled ourselves the "Mom Squad"......he thinks we're a little weird, but we're having a lot of fun with that! Craig and Roxane made a great pasta dinner last night, and I'm sure the neighborhood was hungry just smelling the aroma floating from the house!

Later today, we're off to Palisade. It's a little town about 10 minutes from here, and home to some great orchards and wineries. Tonight we will eat dinner at Il Bistro Italiano, one of my favorite restaurants in Grand Junction.

Signing off for now. Check back later for more of the adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a marvelous trip! I feel as though, to a certain extent, you are crossing the path of my memories in so many ways. You know the Walla Walla connection. I was born in Twin Falls, can't even tell you how many time we've stopped at the Oregon Trail Center with the kids, and you also know the love we have for the GJ/Moab area. I'm glad you are able to share it all with Roxane and Bunny! You will love GJ more and more each trip, and soon you'll be saying, "heat, what heat, at least I'm not shoveling feet of snow!". Keep enjoying, give Craig our love! Steph