Friday, August 24, 2007

Grand Junction to Flagstaff

It was very hard to leave Grand Junction, but it was time to let Craig get settled into his routine for college, and head to Flagstaff to help Emily, Roxane's daughter, get settled in to her new apartment. We took a back road from Grand Junction to that Warren and I have taken before. It's a beautiful drive through the red rock canyons. I feel such a connection to this area, it's hard to explain. I'm so looking forward to spending more time here. It'a been pretty rough having sunshine every day.......NOT! I could get used to this weather pretty quickly!!! Bunny and Roxane were once again in awe of the gorgeous scenery, and we ended up stopping every few minutes to take pictures! Once we arrived in Moab, we stopped at a great little cafe called the Peace Tree, and ordered some lunch to go. There are so many beautiful things to see in and around the Moab area, but we really needed to get back on the road to reach Flagstaff at a reasonable hour.

Today was move in day for Emily and Brittney. Bunny and I decided it would be best to keep Roxane's puupy for the day, so they could concentrate on the apartment. We had fun taking Gaia to the park and spoiling her! We all met up for dinner and had a good Mexican meal, but now I'm so full I can hardly move! It will be a light meal day tomorrow!

So, we will be in Flagstaff for a few more days before heading to California. I'll try to post a few more pictures tomorrow!

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