Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the Road Again.......

Well, Here I am on the road again. Seems I've been on the road a lot this year! My friend and neighbor, Roxane and I are doing a three week road trip adventure. We left Anchorage yesterday morning and arrived in Seattle around 5AM. From Seattle, we took a shuttle to the port and picked up Roxane's car, which took the three day cargo voyage from Anchorage.
We stopped in Issaquah to pick up our friend Bunny, who is joining us for part of the trip. We drove as far as Walla Walla, where we stopped at two of the local wineries. Le' Ecole Winery and Three Rivers Winery. then had a wonderful dinner at 26 Brix. We had tapas, which consisted of a plate of beef satay, a nut and olive combo plate, and the most fabulous cheese platter I have ever had......Cabrales from Spain, De lice D' argental Triple Cream from France and Le Chevrot Goat Cheese from France. To top it off, we had a a Chocolate Trio Platter for much for the South Beach Diet!

We headed out of Walla Walla this morning, thinking we would make it to Salt Lake City, but ended up stopping for the night in Twin Falls, Idaho. We took a break at Baker City to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, where I have a quilt on display there. It is a very nice show called "Nature of the West- Contemporary Quilts", and a very nice Interpretive Center.

After spending more time there than anticipated, we hit the road. We stopped at the visitor's center in Twin Falls, where there is a very nice trail along the river. It seems to be a popular place for base jumpers, so we watched a couple of guys jump off the bridge for a thrill. That is something I KNOW I will never try!! Pretty crazy!

We plan on arriving in Grand Junction, Colorado tomorrow. Stay tuned for more of the road trip adventure!

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