Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sedona/ Phoenix

Sunday was a long day! Bunny went back to Seattle, so we headed to the airport in a round about way! We decided to break for lunch in Sedona, which is a bit off the main highway, a beautiful little town nestled in breathtaking red rock canyons. This church was built right into the rocks..... just beautiful.

We ate at a great restaurant called the Oak Creek Brewery, which was highly recommended by my sister- in-law, Jill. It was in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, a nice area filled with galleries and shops. From Sedona, we headed straight for the IKEA store in Phoenix. It was 104* (makes those 60* Alaska days sound pretty good, eh?), so Bunny decided to stay in the air conditioned car with the puppy. Oh, yes.....I forgot to mention that we've had Roxane's puppy, Gaia, on the trip with us! She's an adorable mini dachshund, who has been a joy....most of the time!!

Once we realized that Roxane and Emily (Roxane's daughter) would in NO WAY be finished shopping by the time Bunny had to be at the airport, I drove her to catch her plane, then headed back to IKEA, where Gaia "helped" me get the back of the Tahoe cleared out enough for the load of furniture that I knew would be heading out of the store soon! As I suspected, we had a pretty full Tahoe on the way back to Flagstaff, which, by the way, seemed like the longest 2 1/2 hours of our lives! We were hoping to take the back roads through Sedona and the red rock canyons, but it was dark by the time we got there. We'll see if we can fit it into our itinerary when we leave Flagstaff tomorrow morning.

So, the "Mom Squad" was at it again today. Roxane and I spent the day with hammers and screwdrivers, putting the new IKEA furniture together for Emily's apartment. It's a good thing I have a lot of Swede blood in me to understand those Swedish instructions! Just kidding.....Roxane and I figured it all out together....and we are still friends! Those thousand part instructions can get pretty confusing at times! The apartment is looking pretty cute, I must say!! For our hard labor, Emily is making dinner........ and apple pie. Like I said much for the South Beach Diet!

Tomorrow we head for California. Stay tuned for more of the "Mom Squad" adventure!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - it's been a while since you posted anything! I know you're having a great time traveling with Roxane. Sure miss you up here. You're going to be so excited to get home and see yellow leaves on the trees. :( Not many yet, but there are a few starting to show up. Enjoy the sunshine!!