Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn Splendor

We had a wonderful time at the cabin this weekend. With snow creeping down the mountains at a rapid pace, this was our last fly in. The next trip in will be by snow machine, which is not quite as exciting for me! Warren and I, along with Tryggur........our Icelandic sheepdog, flew up on Friday, a day later than planned due to the weather, but what a beautiful flight it was! There were still some clouds floating around, which made the view spectacular! We flew above the clouds, but still had a breathtaking view of Alaska's splendor. I never get tired of seeing these mountains!

Along the way, we spotted what appeared to be big horn sheep, but on closer inspection, realized they were mountain goats. I couldn't get a good photo of them, so opted for the golden leaves and white capped mountains instead. Bummer, eh?

We woke up to a beautiful, crisp Saturday morning. The sunlight was shining on the trees across the lake, so I couldn't resist grabbing my camera!

Our daughter, Jessica, and her husband Mark, planned to visit. They drove their car to Long Lake, which is about a 15 minute flight from the cabin. Our plane is a small plane, with only two seats, which means Warren becomes a shuttle service for any one who comes to visit in the summer months! He LOVES to fly, so never complains about that! So, Jessica, Mark..........and Skagit, their Mini Australian Shepherd, came to spend Saturday and Sunday with us at the cabin. Here's a shot I took of Warren as he was passing by the cabin on his first "shuttle" run.

Of course, we always put people to work when they come to visit us at the cabin! Since it's not finished yet, there is always work to be done! Warren and Mark pulled out some stumps in the yard, while Jessica and I worked on final drywall sanding and painting on the loft wall. We did find time to pick some blueberries, which are still in abundance. I'm sure the freezing temperatures will take care of that soon, so I'm glad we were able to take some berries home!

We woke up to a different scene this morning. The clouds were moving in fast, and it was obvious there were some snow storms going on up in the mountains. Fortunately, the weather cleared enough to fly back home today..........not that it would have been a bad thing to be stranded there for another day! So, good bye to the cabin for now........... we'll see you again when the snow is deep and temperatures are cold.........

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