Monday, September 3, 2007

Heading to the Coast

After leaving Flagstaff on the 28th, Roxane and I headed west to Ventura, California. Roxane has family there, so we stayed with her Mother in Law, Gaylene. Roxane's Mom, Lillian, had flown in from France a couple of days earlier, so was anxiously awaiting Roxane's arrival. Gaylene has a lovely home with lemon, grapefruit and avocado trees, along with beautiful flowers perfectly placed around her terrace. The train passes by her home twice a week to pick up lemons from the local growers. We enjoyed our coffee while sitting on the terrace every morning. The ocean breeze sending fresh aromas of salt water through the air made it even more relaxing. We visited with Paul, Roxane's son and his girlfriend, Wendy. My good friend, Marie and her daughter Chelsea(from L.A.) met us for dinner. It was great to spend some time with them!!

We drove to Carpenteria to visit our friend, Patty, who is lucky enough to live there part of the year! What a beautiful little town!

We also spent a few evenings at Cynthia and Bob's house. Cythnia is Roxane's sister in law, who lives just a few blocks from Gaylene. We had a very enjoyable time visiting with them on their beautiful patio and enjoying the great dinners they made for us!

Roxane, Lillian, Gaia(the puppy)and I left Ventura on Sunday, September 2 to head North. Stay tuned for more of the adventure!

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