Friday, October 12, 2007

The Little Things

Aren't these little birds adorable? Anyone know what kind they are? I especially like the blue and brown one. The nursing home that my Aunt is in has a nice little aviary for the residents to enjoy. We took Aunt Kay to visit them and had such a good time watching them. You can't help but smile watching these cute little things!

Warren and I visited Washington Park, which is in the woods above the town of Warren. By the way.....Warren was not born in Warren! This picture is looking down on part of the town, with the Allegheny River running through. I'm hoping to walk around downtown tomorrow so I can get pictures of some of the beautiful old buildings.

We had a nice evening in Kane, PA last night, enjoying a wonderful dinner at Jill and Gary's house (Warren's sister). They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this week, so it was a fun celebration! Pictured here are Jill and her Mom, Jennie.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds, and looks like, an absolutely marvelous day! Congrats to Jill & Gary!! I know you've had a terrific time, and it will be hard to leave today - even if it is to Aruba!!
Safe travels,