Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pennsylvania Autumn

We arrived in Warren to 85* temperatures and much more green on the hillsides than we expected. Saturday we drove to the "Done Roaming Dobson's" Camp just south of Sheffield, where a few trees have started to turn. We enjoyed the afternoon sitting out on the back deck, listening to the birds, babbling brook......and occassional Harley Davidson dudes driving by.
After eating so much food that has been prepared for us, Warren and I decided we should get up and take a nice, long walk on Monday morning. It was a beautiful morning, and so much fun to walk around our old stomping grounds. Although many trees are still green, signs of autumn are everywhere. From gradations of red to yellow on the maple leaves gracefully falling from the trees, to acorns and horse chestnuts scattered on the ground.

Later that day, a bunch of us decided to go to Rim Rock, which is near the Kinzua Dam Reservoir. It's not far from Warren, and a great place to hike. There was a nice breeze up there, so very pleasant hiking weather. My Dad went with us, and he began to wonder what he had gotten himself into! The hike turned out to be a pretty tough one, but we all managed to make it back to the car with only a few muddy butts from sliding down the trail. Those little acorns can be mighty treacherous! I must admit, I grew up in this area and had never tasted a teaberry before. They are very good, and really do taste like the teaberry gum!

Yesterday we drove to Lockhaven, where the Piper Aircraft museum is located. We took the back roads, through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. The hillsides were a bit more colorful in the higher elevations. The museum was very interesting, with many newspaper clippings and pictures of the aircraft factory when it was a thriving operation. They no longer make the Super Cub airplane, so I guess we own a piece of history!

I've been visiting my Aunt often while I've been here. She has been sick and is now in a nursing home, which is very hard for me to see. My Mom and I went today, and showed her some slide shows that I had put together on my computer. She really seemed to enjoy that, and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with her.

The weather has changed in the last day. We went from 85* and sunny to 55* and rainy. This is the October weather we were expecting! Hopefully we'll see the sunshine again before we leave!


roxanestoner said...

Hi Nancy,
I have been looking everyday for a post and tonight, hooray! I love the pictures and especially the one with your aunt and your mom. You girls look very happy to be together. Say hello to everyone for me. Later

Jess said...

Hey, mom!

Glad to see you're having a good time. The pictures you've taken are really pretty. Say hello to everyone for Mark and I. Love ya!


Stephanie said...

Sooo.. beautiful - even if it is more green than expected. Won't be fall where you're going next either! Thanks for sharing the pics with all of us; hope you took a warm coat to wear to the car when you return! :)

miss ya,