Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back in the Studio!

After a very busy summer and fall, I'm finally back to working in my studio. I've missed being in here on a regular basis, so I'm anxious to see what creations are made this winter. I have drawers filled with scraps of fabric that really need to be purged. Rather than throw them away, I've decided to challenge myself to a daily creative session, using only scraps from these drawers.This is the first attempt at my challenge.

I almost threw it away after getting to this point, as I really didn't know where all these little squares were going, but I persevered!

Once all of the empty spaces were filled in, I added paint over the squares......

Over the paint, I added vertical lines in gold leafing, then painted over the whole piece again. To add a bit more visual interest, I fused some red vertical lines and squares. This piece will eventually have more stitching and embellishments added to it, but I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do.......

Create every day!


roxanestoner said...

What a good way to use those scraps. I think it is a nice recycling consept and the initial start of quilting that each piece of fabric was reused in a different and useful way. Those are very nice. I like the idea of filling the blank spots with paint, foiling etc. Nice touch.
Have fun everyday creating.

ANDREA said...

Hi Nancy, nice to meet you and thanks for your comment on my blog which allows me to discover your's! A textile artist in Alaska! I visited your slide-show and loved what I saw. The photos are really great, and the textiles too. I especially like your more abstract pieces but the flower-pieces are gorgeous too.
Left-over fabrics: I store them too and think it is a great idea to use them every day:)
Have a good thanksgiving weekend, (if you celebrate it) take care

Deb H said...

Nancy, I was so surprised to get a comment from you on my blog! I didn't know you blogged!Thanks for the condolences.

It's good to find you here! I've buzzed through & it looks like you've been very busy. I like your piece here, but then I love everything you do! I hope to see you soon!