Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As I Was Saying.....

Well, I had hoped to post some pictures today, but we woke up to snow this morning. What's up with this???? There wasn't much accumulation, but it was pretty gray most of the day. The sun did peak out late this afternoon, so hopefully that Colorado sunshine will be back tomorrow!

So, about the Denver trip...Warren and I headed to Denver on a Jeep hunt. We were successful in purchasing a used yellow Rubicon in very good condition. Turns out it was the first and only one we looked at, as Warren had done his usual research before we headed over there! We headed back over the mountains around 10AM, to find out that I 70 was closed about an hour out of town, due to an accident. Quite a bit of snow had fallen in the mountains the night before, making the roads a bit treacherous in spots, but the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful drive through the mountain passes, once the road opened up and the traffic got up to speed. I followed in the rental car, and we returned it as soon as we got back to Grand Junction.

We thought we would be heading into the beautiful red rock canyons today, but ended up staying close to home. I did drag Warren to JoAnn fabrics to purchase some supplies for my "Colorado studio", which is still pretty sparse, but it's getting there. I'll post some pictures of that eventually! I don't have a chair yet, so it's kind of hard to sew standing up! I did drive the Jeep home, realizing that I still had my clutch driving skills!

We're enjoying it here, but are very anxious to get out and do some exploring now that we have a vehicle!


roxanestoner said...

Congratulation on your new Jeep. Glad you guys are on your way to exploration mode. Hopefully the snow will cooperate. Can't wait to see your studio. We had a gorgeous but really cold day. Can't have everything it seems.

Deb H said...

Gee Nancy, I'm sad to hear you aren't here right now. Darn, How long are you staying there?

I loved the balloon fashion show you emailed. Amazing.

So you're officially a Snowbird? When will you migrate back north? You must be doing well with hiking in mind! I think I may need new knees before I can consider hiking much!

Have fun with the new studio. I look forward to seeing what you do there! Colorado is the next best thing to ALaska I think.

Nanc said...

The jeep is great! We had a beautiful drive. When are you coming to visit?

nanc said...

Hi Deb,

I'm not sure how long I'm staying...May? We'll see! I'm sure enjoying the sunshine! Glad you enjoyed the balloon fashion photos..aren't they amazing?
Yes, I'm looking forward to hip is doing great! Sorry to hear you are having knee's your shoulder?
I'm anxious to get busy with some sewing here. Much inspiration, as in Alaska........just a different perspective!