Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unaweep Canyon

Warren and I took the jeep for a drive Thursday, and what a beautiful day it was! Just down the road from Grand Junction is yet another beautiful area. Colorado Highway 141, also known as The Unaweep/ Tabeguache Scenic & Historic Byway. This drive offers breathtaking views around every turn in the road. Giant, twisted cottonwood trees adorn the valley floor, as the red canyon walls reach to the sky. Sweeping vistas of these magnificent red rocks, with geological formations that make you want to keep going....just a little explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful area.

Wildlife is abundant here. We spotted many wild THAT is what "free range" turkey is! We also saw a big horn sheep, and it was evident that many deer had passed through the area by the game trail imprints scattered across the hillsides freshly fallen snow.

We drove about ten miles past Gateway, a small town located in the heart of the valley. There is some development in the area.....Gateway Canyons Resort, which consists of many adobe style buildings that fit in well with the surroundings. Although we didn't stop, we have since heard that the resort Auto Museum is something NOT to miss. I'm sure we'll be planning another drive out that way soon!

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jess said...

sweet ride.