Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's getting there.........

I'm slowly getting my studio space set up. I didn't realize how much stuff I have in my studio in Alaska, so it's going to take me awhile to get all the tools and supplies I need! Rather than send things back and forth, I decided to start fresh and buy supplies here. I think it may have been cheaper to send things back and forth!

So, as you can see.....I have a nice 6 foot table for my sewing machine. I also have a 4 foot table, but that is currently being used as a TV stand in the living room. It lends a tasteful flair to the decor! Once the TV stand gets here, I will most likely use the 4 footer as my cutting/miscellaneous work area. I would love to get a nice waist high folding work table that I can push off to the corner when the room becomes a guest room.....oh, I didn't mention that it's a studio/guest room. I have ordered a Murphy bed kit, so Warren will have a nice project when he gets back down here in a couple of weeks......he's always looking for an excuse to buy more tools, anyway! I think the Murphy Bed will work great, since it folds up against the wall when not in use. The door that is slightly ajar is a nice walk in closet. Not large in size, but I think there will be plenty of room for my fabric and supplies.

In addition to the new tables, we also put a new ceiling light fixture in. The room was quite dark, so I knew I needed more lighting. We found this one at Lowe's for a very reasonable price, and it fit right into the original hole in the ceiling, which worked out great! After playing with different configurations....which translates into Warren climbing on and off the ladder while I moved around my work space, I decided it was best to have the lights in one long section, rather than bending them at the joints. I can still move the actual bulb fixture around if I need to, but so far they seem to be in the right position for me.

On the two walls behind the sewing table, we "upholstered" them with quilt batting and fleece. I typically like to use black flannel for my design wall, but I didn't want to close this small room in too much, so opted for the lighter shade. We still have to put trim up to cover the messy edges, but the fleece is working great. We're still short a computer printer table, so that's what's taking up space in front of my sewing machine. I need to address that issue very quickly!

Today I went to Hobby Lobby. With a name like that, I expected it to be pretty lame, but what a great store! They have all kinds of craft and art supplies, along with some home decor items. I bought some paint brushes, plastic storage drawers, lino cutter and pad, and a few other items to add to my supply stash.

Although I have a few more items to purchase, I finally feel that I have what I need to get busy in my studio! It's starting to feel like "my space" now, so hopefully I'll start getting creative in there!


roxanestoner said...

Wow, I like the new look of your Blog. It matches your website really nicely. Niiiiiiice. Your studio looks ready to work in. I like how bright it looks . Your track lights are perfect. I am going to look into those for my studio. How high is your ceiling in your room? I also like the two designing walls. Pretty exciting.
You have fun in there.

Deb H said...

It looks like your getting set to be creative. I love the walls & what you have hanging already. Very nice. I wish my studio were so clean. I have a lot of work to do before my logarm can be set up in there.

Of course when you get back up here, I'd love to have you up to try my new toy (if I have it by then). They said it would be about 8 weeks to deliver after I order it, & I want to try it out to be sure it's what I want 1st, so off to Port Townsend we go. The dealer is in Bellingham, our condo is in PT.