Friday, February 22, 2008

A Little Studio Time

I spent some time in my studio carving a linoleum block, then printing it onto fabric. I began sketching a design onto the 4" x 5" block, then carved the design with the carving tool. Being a novice at this technique, I managed to complete the carving without stabbing myself, so thought I was off to a good start! Here is the finished carving.
With a brayer, I rolled acrylic paint onto the block, then placed fabric over it. To make sure the design was getting onto the fabric I used a plastic straight edge to rub over the fabric. I continued this procedure until the cloth was covered, then went over it again in a horizontal format.
Once the fabric was covered with the block imprint, I brushed a watered down acrylic over the entire length of cloth. My goal is to make the fabric look primitive. I'm hoping to use this in a piece I'm making for "Canyon Visions", a show that the AQuA group will have on exhibit at the Mesa Verde National Park this summer.

I'm going to work on this a bit more, maybe adding a few more layers of paint or foil. Hopefully with some perseverance I'll achieve the "look" I'm after, and it will end up in a finished piece of work.


roxanestoner said...

Busy, busy, busy... There are some buzz in your studio.

Deb H said...

It looks beautiful. I look forward to the seeing finished project.