Saturday, March 1, 2008

Out & About

We've been having such beautiful weather that we've decided to enjoy the outdoors rather than spend our time finishing the Murphy bed. The bed is in place and ready to use, but needs to have trim painted and put on. I'll post that when it's finished. In the meantime, we've been enjoying the beautiful Colorado countryside. I still can't believe we're outside with just a sweater or long sleeve shirt on in February/March! The temperature reached 67* today, which is a warm summer day in Alaska!

We've had some fun adventures the past few days. We took a drive to the Escalante Canyon on Wednesday. It was another gorgeous drive into ranch country. We came across a cabin that was built into the side of a boulder. It was built by Captain Smith, who was a tombstone engraver. Quite a unique place. Here are a few pictures:Thursday and Friday we hiked about 10 minutes from our house, up near the Colorado National Monument. The hiking is great, with gorgeous views of the red rocks, and some very interesting geologic formations.

We decided it was time to buy some mountain bikes, so tried them out today. We headed west of Grand Junction to the Rustler's Loop trail. It was a lot of fun, but realized we need to get our butt's in gear if we want to ride the harder trails! Actually, for a couple of old farts who haven't done any serious mountain biking in a few years....and a new hip for me.....we did ok! I have a much greater respect for the extreme mountain bike riders, that's for sure!

We may try to hit the trail again tomorrow. There is so much to explore around here!


Cestandrea said...

Thanks for making me travel:) I love these pictures, one day I'd like to see this beautiful landscape,
have a great day

roxanestoner said...

Hi Nancy, Will you take me to that little house. It is so perfect. Makes you think of the lives of this stone carver. You guys looks so happy on your bikes, two teenagers. Later

Deb H said...

Dr Schaab will be pleased to hear you're doing so much & so well!

It looks like such beautiful country. It's really Spring Breakup here. You aren'y missing much as far as the weather is concerned! We do miss you at the AFF though.