Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friends & Formations

Friends are a special gift. Hopefully, we're all fortunate enough to form lasting friendships in our lives. I had a visit from my good friend, Roxane. She has been in California visiting her relatives, and in Flagstaff, visiting her daughter.... and was nice enough to drive from Flagstaff to Grand Junction to visit me! We had a wonderful week of hiking and exploring. To start the week off, we had a nice lunch at Rock Slide Brewery and Restaurant, where my son Craig works.

We also took some great hikes. I have several photos to share with you! The next two photos were taken on the hike we took to the Mica Mine. What a magical place, with glistening mica scattered all around, and huge chunks of mica still in the rock. We had a great time climbing around the old mine, then headed up past a waterfall, where we did a little climbing until we came to a perfect spot to eat our lunch and take in the beautiful scenery.

This shape in the rock is very interesting. Do you see a profile here? Pretty cool!
The next hike we took was just west of Grand Junction, near Fruita, in The Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area, where we headed down into Devil's Canyon. The formations were truly amazing.

Roxane remembered her hiking shoes, but she forgot her backpack. I thought she was ready to go shopping with that purple bag.....tourist extraordinare!
This formation looks like a little village, complete with windows and doorways.
Warren, Roxane and I took a hike to the Dominguez Canyon and realized we didn't take enough water for this one. The day was quite hot, and we were all ready for a big drink of water when we got home, but what a beautiful hike it was! I just can't seem to get enough of the red rocks...the colors and shapes are so spectacular, and change with each turn in the trail.Just past a large waterfall, we enjoyed viewing this petroglyph covered rock. There's a sense of mystery as we imagine going back in time.....
As if the scenery wasn't spectacular enough, I spotted this big horn sheep in the rocks above the trail while heading out of the canyon. He was quite comfortable with us being there, as he let us snap several photos of him.
So, that's my photo journal until the next adventure! Hope you enjoyed it!


Deb H said...

Wow nancy! What a great post! I love the rocks & petroglyphs, & the picture of Roxanne with here purple bag made me LOL! Thanks!

Hey it's in the 50s here today! Snow is melting!

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roxanestoner said...

I had soooo muuuuch fun. Thank you Nancy