Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Wow, I thought I quietly cruised into my fifties while I was in Colorado...........until I walked through my front door Saturday evening! My friends and family decided I should not be permitted to escape celebrating my 50th just because I was in Grand Junction, so they waited for my return and schemed a surprise that threw me for a loop! They really pulled one over on me, I must say!

Roxane, Patty and Lorraine diverted me for the afternoon, with a nice lunch at Glacier Brew House, a stop at Nordstrom, and a visit to the Anchorage Museum of History & Art. I was told it was the only time Patty could get together while she was in town from California.......silly me! In the meantime, as I left my house, my daughter Jessica, and friend Stephanie were on their way to my house to prepare for the big surprise. They pulled it off without a hitch, and we had a great time! I'm sure glad I had at least cruised through the house with the vacuum cleaner the day before!

The grill was ready for halibut, salmon and chicken, and the kitchen counter was transformed into a beautiful spread of appetizers, a nice variety of wine, and some killer chocolate brownies, made by Roxane..... YUM! Unfortunately, Roxane came down with one of her terrible migraines while we were on our way back from Anchorage, so she missed most of the party.........THAT was very sad, but I'm glad she's feeling better now!

I think my 50th birthday celebration is officially over now.........what a fun, stretched out birthday this year! Thanks to all of you who gave me such a wonderful party!!!! I am truly blessed with great family & friends!

The day after the party, Warren and I headed up to our cabin. It was my first time in this season. We saw moose, tundra swans, a loon..........and beautiful mountains. We still have a lot of work to do on the place, so hopefully we'll be spending a lot of time up there this summer.

Now, down to my studio to get some work done!


Cestandrea said...

Happy Birthday, Nanc:) I wish you luck and a wonderful time and you sure look very happy and beautiful on the pictures! What a nice surprise,
have a wonderful weekend
Birthdaygreetings from Paris

jess said...


Nanc said...

Thank you, Andrea!