Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quilt Inspirations..........

I've been in Colorado for the last two weeks. If this is autumn..........sign me up! Shorts, tank tops and sandals every day. I could get used to this weather!

My sister in law was here for a visit, and we had so much fun hiking, exploring wineries, galleries.....and enjoying the beautiful scenery, which has given me some new quilt inspiration!

Above are close up shots of mica on the Mica Mine trail. It's a great little hike, with some amazing geology.

I need to get a flower book, so I can identify the beautiful flowers I see on hikes around here. This reminds me of an Indian Paintbrush, but not sure that's what it is. Anyone know?

I discovered I have allergies around here this time of year. I'm blaming it on these beautiful yellow bushes!

Roxane.........this one's for you!
Photo taken in Colorado National Monument.

Oh, How I love textures!

.......and more textures!

O.K....There are signs of Autumn up in the mountains!

Azura, a beautiful little gallery/winery overlooking Paonia.

A view from Terror Creek Winery in Paonia, CO. What a beautiful setting, and a wonderful Pinot Noir!

And..... a photo of grapes from Two Rivers Winery, where some of the great local wine comes from!

I hope you've enjoyed my Colorado photos!


Gaylene said...

Thank you Nancy for thinking of me. That is a great mask one. Beautiful pictures. Now I have to tell you about a secret... Imagery ships to Alaska now and I am proudly in their wine club.... I got a brochure for you too. Can't wait to sample the goods with you when I return. Tataa.

Nanc said...

Hi Roxane,

That is good news! Hope all is going well in CA. Give Gaylene a hug for me.