Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catching Up.................

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything, so I thought I would do a little catching up.

After a busy summer working on quilts for my September show, it's been a nice break to work on some simple strip piecing. I'm making this bargello quilt for a friend. All that's left to do is the quilting and binding.

My friend Jen makes quilts for her kids for their 18th birthday, so she brought her squares up to my studio one day. We had fun playing around with different arrangements, and this is the one she decided on. The back will be denim squares, and will be constructed with one side having raw edges. I think it's going to turn out pretty cute!

Warren and I have been in Pennsylvania since last week, and were pleasantly surprised to see there is still a bit of fall color in the area. The weather has been beautiful....much nicer than the summer we had in Alaska!

Yesterday was a road trip! I love road trips! My sister in laws, Mother in law and Mom went to Cambridge Springs to Campbell Pottery. What a beautiful place! Set in the country, they have renovated an old barn into a beautiful gallery, with pottery on the upper two floors and rotating art shows on the lower level. We picked a great time to go, as there is a wonderful fiber arts show currently on display.

Warren has been busy working on the "Done Roaming" Dobson camp, and I've been busy helping my Mom & Dad "update" their bathroom. My Mom had the old seashell wallpaper ripped off, but it needed a lot of patching, sanding and priming before any painting started! I spent a few days painting and glazing the walls. We had fun shopping for accessories.........I felt like I was on one of the HGTV shows! Here are a couple of pictures of the finished room. I call it Mom and Dad's new spa!

Dad and I finally got a walk in this morning. What a peaceful morning, with the fog hugging the trees. The fog lifted, the sun came out, and we've had another beautiful Indian summer in Warren, PA. We'll soon be heading back to Alaska, where winter has settled in for the season.


roxanestoner said...

Sooo happy to see a new post and what a post. You have rewarded your faithful readers with a lot of goodies. Thank you. Your parents' Spa is beauty Max. The wall looks like bronze something to show a beautiful glow on the skin for sure. Oh... and I went to see the Pottery place. Waou! Gorgeous. See you soon!

Nanc said...

Hi Roxane,

Glad you enjoyed the photos! You need to come back to would love the pottery place! I want an old barn now! What a gorgeous building. See you soon!

roxanestoner said...

That should be your next project with Warren: Buy an old barn in PA take it appart and sent it to CO for a new Garage/Studio. I bet it would be cheapper than building a new one from scratch!!! By the way I would love to go back to Warren. I had such a faboulous time. Enjoy your time there.

David said...

Thanks for stopping by Cooking Chat. I love all the colors both of nature & your work here on this post.