Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cook Street 180 October Class

My son is finishing up his Culinary School experience in Denver, and just shared this slide show with me. I thought I would share it with you! He'll be heading to Italy and France for more training, then will hopefully find a nice job here in Grand Junction. After seeing these photos, I'm thinking I better start walking for two hours a day! That is some very rich looking food, but oh, so beautiful!!


Deb H said...

OMG Nancy! You are going to drive me to EAT! (Some people can be driven to drink, not me, I eat!)

It all looks to good. I think I should go upstairs & ride my bike after just looking at that!

Jess said...

omg i am soooo hungry now!!!

roxanestoner said...

This entry is encouraging me to take plans to visit you sooooooon.
Good job to Craig!

roxanestoner said...

I meant: to "make" plans.... sorry about the error.