Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Touch of Spring & A Good Cause...........

The weather has been a bit cool and cloudy this week, but we did take advantage of the few nice days we had to get outside and do some exploring. We took off in our Jeep to do some four wheel'in in Utah.......It's a guy thing, I tell you! Just off Utah Highway 128 is one of many dirt roads, which lead to some incredible if the scenery is not incredible on the main road! Traveling these bumpy roads makes me admire the pioneers who traveled across this rugged land in wagons. Even with the modern conveniences like good shocks, good tires and comfortable seats, we still got jostled around a good bit! I can't begin to imagine what travels were like back then, other than very difficult! I've decided I would not have been an admirable pioneer woman! This area is the Dome Plateau, with several arches, and those beautiful red rocks that I love so much. There were far too many roads to venture on in one day, so we'll have to return to this spectacular place.

We ventured down Utah highway 128 a few miles to see a partially built, abandoned cave house. Some brave soul decided to build a house in the rocks, but must have decided it was not the best idea. There was a brick wall, cement staircase, and I'm sure a lot of blasting to get it to the current stage. We did not spend too much time in there, as you could see where chunks of rock had fallen from the ceiling. That would be a rude awakening.........or not!

Today was a very windy day, a good day to finish up some pieces I had started for the Collage Mania, which will take place in May. I started this little piece a very long time ago, but decided to get it finished up for the fund raising event.


The piece below is based on a photo of thistle I took last year.

The Fiber Art for a Cause fundraiser has raised over $ 170,000.00, which has been donated to the American Cancer Society! That is amazing!


roxanestoner said...

What pretty flowers with such intense colors. More fun walks I see. Pretty artwork for good cause. Nice to see you active and happy.

Virginia A. Spiegel said...

Love the thistles! Thank you for donating such great artwork to Collage Mania. V.