Friday, May 1, 2009


There's been a lot going on around here the past few weeks, so thought I would post a few pictures of some of the events.

A few posts back, I showed a piece in progress for the St. Mary's Hospital rehabilitation room. We finally finished it, and it was dedicated to the hospital last week. Here is a picture of the finished piece. They plan to use this in different areas around the hospital for meditation purposes.
Jen came to visit us in Colorado, and we enjoyed showing her some of the Jeep and hiking trails around here. We took the Jeep up Top of the World Trail, off Utah highway 128. That is one rough road, so Jen and I ended up walking part of it. After bouncing around the Jeep for about an hour, we all decided to park, and walk the rest of the trail. A nice ascent led us to one of the most spectacular views I have seen. We came to a sheer drop off, where the Fisher Towers were below, the snow covered La Sal mountains reached to the sky, and the grand vistas gave us all a sense of awe. A very special place, indeed.

Warren's sister, Jill, and brother in law, Gary, came for a visit. They arrived in the morning, and I quickly took Jill to the Fabric Arts Studio, where we had a fun afternoon of learning how to use the thermofax machine, and the technique of deconstructed screen printing. We had so much fun, and I'm looking forward to using both of these techniques in my future projects....I just need to figure out how to get my hands on a thermofax machine!

Jill working on her thermofax screen print.

Here's a screen that I did.

Another day of hiking led us to the Fisher Tower Trail, which Warren, Jessica and I hiked to the half way point earlier this year. With the red rocks towering above, I truly have the sense I am in nature's cathedral.

Notice the climbers on the top.... pure craziness.....

We had some fun days of hiking and wine tasting, but Jill and Gary had to head back to Pennsylvania. Great memories.......until next visit............

Now, on to the next hike. Do you get the idea Warren and I like to hike around here??? Earlier this year, we attempted to hike the Rattlesnake Arches Trail. It's a fun, but strenuous hike, with many canyon crossings along the way. We reached a point where we decided we would run out of daylight if we didn't turn around, so opted to save it for another time. There is an alternate route open April 15 through September 15, which makes the hike much shorter. We drove about 13 miles, then started hiking. This is a great hike of about 3.5 miles. We had the option of turning around at the end of the trail, or hiking up and through the last arch. We opted to climb through the arch, which was great until I looked down!! We managed to scramble up the arch and over the other side. I must say, it was quite invigorating!

This is the arch we climbed up and through to the other side.

What was I saying about pure craziness??

A view from the other side, once we made it through.

Here are a few of the other spectacular arches we saw on our hike...........

I'm going to miss this place when I leave for the summer........

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roxanestoner said...

Those are fabulous hikes. I totally get why you would question coming back here, you seem to have so much more to do in GJ. I would miss you though.