Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Work..........

I have just finished up my newest quilt. I typically don't create political statement quilts, but AQUA is having a show based on the theme Atrocities: Women and War. I love this group, as it pushes me to work outside my comfort zone and discover new things.

I am intrigued with the history of the lachrymatory. These are small, narrow-necked vases found in ancient Roman tombs, thought to have been used to catch and keep the tears of bereaved friends. They are still used in present day.

I envisioned tear bottles overflowing and decided to create a quilt based on this idea.

Lachrymatory: Tears Overflowing

Lachrymatories overflow with tears of sorrow and despair. Tears of war. Women being brutalized, raped and denied any sense of worth. Losing children to land mines and terror. When will the madness stop? Legend has it that when the tears evaporate, the mourning process is complete. Will the tears ever evaporate, or will the bottles continue to collect tears of war? Tears overflowing………enough tears to flood the universe with an ocean of peace.


roxanestoner said...

Any room left in one of your bottles to gather my tears after seeing your piece? Very emotional and inspiring piece that has a gleamer of hope in this terrible struggle.

K.W. said...

That's beautiful, Nancy. I'm so glad I have one of your pieces hanging in my room.

MollyBee said...

Love your new piece,Nancy. I had read about these vases. Your piece is very emotional. Good Job!