Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Desert Muse.................

The vibrant colors of the environment are an inspiration to me. From the soft green of the sage,to the bright colors of the first trees and flowers of spring.

Every living thing has such interesting patterns and textures.

The deep red rock, reaching to the cloudless blue sky is so intense.

The ancient ruins continue to tell stories of cultures deeply rooted to the land.

The sun casts complex shapes and shadows on the landscape, creating an intense exhibition of abstractions. This spectacle of nature is the muse for my recent small works.

Spontaneous placement of brightly colored fabric squares are meant to evoke an image of the quintessential desert vista. This has been a fun project to work on, and a great way to use some of those odd size pieces of hand dyed fabric!


roxanestoner said...

Love your new pieces. So free and spontaneousm colorful and that mirage effect that only the heat of the desert would produce. Yey.

Alaska Hamlins said...

I love my mom.

Nanc said...

Thanks, Roxane! I had a lot of fun with these! See you soon!!

Jess ee ka! I love you, too! Can't wait to see you!!! :>))

Cliff Fiscus said...

I never realized that Warren had married such a talented artist! And to think, I thought Warren was marrying you because of your cuteness, intelligence, and great personality, among other reasons! haha
Love your pics!