Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lunch With the Wild Horses

We ascended the hill with anticipation.  We've heard about these wild horses of the Book Cliffs, but have been unsuccessful in seeing them.  Until this hike, that is.  They have eluded us in the past, but we were feeling enthusiastic about this day.  We have visited this area on our mountain bikes, hoping to see them, but this time we decided to hike up another canyon, which is only open to hiking and horse back riding.  As we turned the corner, and looked downward, there they were.  What a beautiful sight!

 As I approached slowly, camera ready, Warren kept Tryggur, our Icelandic sheepdog, on his leash. I edged my way closer, hoping not to irritate them. 

  It was a stellar day, and the rock walls reaching to the clear blue skies were the perfect backdrop for what we were about to see. 

Beautiful horses, roaming free.

After watching them, and taking many pictures, we continued hiking up the valley.  

As we traversed the hillside, we admired the beautiful scenery.  Spectacular vistas in every direction.

As we continued on, we noticed something in the distance. We were very excited to see yet another group of horses!
After taking several more photos, we sat on a rock and had lunch with the wild horses of the Book Cliffs.


We'll be going back to visit again, I'm sure!


roxanestoner said...

What an amazing experience! Beautiful in everyway. Waou!

Patti said...

Wow , Nancy, how awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience. So many beautiful places to see right here in the US!!